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Avoid the Pitfalls Online Businesses Face

The internet is as diverse the standard market. It extends to both extremes- good and false opportunities.

Since online based fraudsters and conmen understand the rat race of business very well, they’re fond of preying on desperate individuals seeking to monetize online opportunities.

It’s therefore advisable to proceed with caution especially when:

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Tips for Raising Funds Quickly

Businessman jump up toward the economic growth

Businessman jump up toward the economic growth

Whether you’re starting up a new business or have a business that’s going through a rough spot, you’re bound to, at some point, find yourself in a spot where you need to raise funds for your business quickly. Fortunately, there are lots of different options and strategies you can utilize to raise money and get your business off the ground or back on track, whichever the case may be.

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Investments for the Risk-Averse

With savings accounts paying practically nothing in interest these days, many people are choosing to put their money elsewhere in order to generate a more substantial return. But what if you’re the type of person who’s really afraid of losing money? After all, most investments carry a degree of risk, and if your tolerance for it is low, your options may be limited.

Traditionally, those who are truly risk-averse would make a point of avoiding the stock market, and while some stocks are safer bets than others, if the idea of losing money is enough to bring on a panic attack, you’re probably better off putting your money into something less volatile. Here are a few options to consider:


Certificates of Deposit, or CDs, are a relatively safe bet because they’re insured by the FDIC up to $250,000 per depositor. With a CD, you’re locking your money into a fixed rate for a predetermined period of time, but that return is guaranteed. Plus, you can pick the time period for investing that works best for you. If you’re afraid to tie up your money for a year or more, for example, you could open a 6-month CD and snag a better interest rate than what your savings account is offering.

Title Loans

Car title loans are quick, short-term loans that you can get using the equity in your car or vehicle. If you own your car, you can borrow money based on it’s resale value. You need to know that these loans are usually for 60 days or less.

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Debt Concern: How Businesses Can Collect From Customers

The major challenge for most business owners is the idea of late payments from customers that require debt recovery. When operating a business, it is important to take your account receivables seriously because it can close down your business when customers don’t pay their bills. Generally, debt recovery has to be initiated when an invoice is more than three months overdue. It is certainly not easy to recover money from a delinquent customer who decides not to pay. The process can be long, difficult and arduous because many customers will ignore your phone calls, notices in the mail and email messages.

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10% Budget Cuts for Russia

Budget cut concept

If you’ve been following the news lately, then you are likely aware that there has recently been a major drop in the price of oil, which is something that affects many countries around the globe. For Russia, that means that it has considerably less money coming in and that it has to do something about that problem…and fast. Its answer, thus far, has been to make huge budget cuts- by a whopping 10%!

All ministries and government departments are, as a result, hard at work making their budget cuts, which must total $9.1 billion. That’s definitely no small feat! However, it’s certainly not a brand new challenge for Russia.

Last year, Russia was again forced to redo its budget, and it was for the same reason- falling oil costs- then as it is now. However, these most recent cuts weren’t decided on until December of last year when the Prime Minister realized a problem was brewing and sought to take immediate action to try and correct it.

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