Business Consultants: Are They for You?

If you own a business, you probably already know just how time consuming this task is. It seems like there is always more work to be done and always some new problem that crops up at the most inconvenient time.

If you are finding the challenging of running your business too much to bear on your own, know that you do have options for help and support. One of those options is to hire a business consultant, someone who can help you to streamline your tasks and, even more importantly, to reorder your business in ways that will make it more efficient at running itself.

Business consultants can be expensive and they’re not always necessary in every situations, but there are usually some obvious signs that a consultant may be of good use to you.

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Jay Z’s Tidal: Capitalizing On People?

Since music has gone digital from physical compact discs, respected artists have found that the only way they can earn a living is to tour non-stop for a couple of years with quick seconds breaks somewhere in between. Music just does not sell the way that used to. Artists are no longer celebrating selling over 250,000 CDs within a week. Those days are over. Now it is about selling out concert dates because consumers can easily download the music they love for free somewhere online. Hip hop mogul Jay Z believes there should be a compromise between artists and consumers by using a service called Tidal that will give fans access to new music all day everyday by paying a small monthly fee of $9.99. Consumers can continue to enjoy their favorite artists while also supporting artists to be able to eat and keep a solid roof over their head. While many understand this concept of give and take, others, such as another hip hop mogul by the name of 50 Cent, believes Jay Z is capitalizing on the people who support his music.

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Diddy and Ciroc Keep Growing


Sean “Diddy” Combs just won’t stop! The name Diddy simply means success, money, power, and respect throughout the music, fashion, and liquor industry. One of the most successful hip hop moguls, pioneering a movement with his brainchild Bad Boy Records, kicked down steel vaulted doors to enter into industries that were not known for welcoming men like Diddy into their elite circle. While most celebrities struggle to remain relevant in a cold industry that lives up to the saying “Here today, gone today”, Diddy is that marketing genius who figured out the formula. Quick to let you know that he is, indeed, the King of New York, jokingly allowing phenomenon Jay Z to be King of Brooklyn, his friends, business associates, and fans love his arrogance because he has the goods to back it up.

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