Jay Z’s Tidal: Capitalizing On People?

Since music has gone digital from physical compact discs, respected artists have found that the only way they can earn a living is to tour non-stop for a couple of years with quick seconds breaks somewhere in between. Music just does not sell the way that used to. Artists are no longer celebrating selling over 250,000 CDs within a week. Those days are over. Now it is about selling out concert dates because consumers can easily download the music they love for free somewhere online. Hip hop mogul Jay Z believes there should be a compromise between artists and consumers by using a service called Tidal that will give fans access to new music all day everyday by paying a small monthly fee of $9.99. Consumers can continue to enjoy their favorite artists while also supporting artists to be able to eat and keep a solid roof over their head. While many understand this concept of give and take, others, such as another hip hop mogul by the name of 50 Cent, believes Jay Z is capitalizing on the people who support his music.

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