Creative Ways to Make Money

Creative Ways to Make Money

The main rule when it comes to personal finance is spending less than the money you earn. To advance financially, it is of utmost importance to save, especially any extra money that you make. Making more money can definitely improve your bottom line and give you added income to put in a savings or retirement account. These are limited ways to save money, but there are so many ways that you can make extra money to possibly pay down your debt or save for the future and also have a little fun while doing so.

Several Strategies

Making money is not difficult when you have free time and a creative imagination. There are several strategies you could consider. Below are some ideas that you can implement or add to, some of which are relatively easy and traditional.

Yard Sale

If you find that your home is filled with clutter, it may be time to sell some of those items. You could plan a yard sale. Advertise the yard sale online or put up signs at the local grocery store or at the street entrance. You could also pay for an ad in the local newspaper. To attract more sales, group items for discounted pricing and try to negotiate deals as much as you can.


If you are good at math or any other subject, you could use your spare time to become a tutor. You could tutor students from elementary age to college age, depending on your expertise. To find your clients, put up ads on college campuses (with permission, of course). You could also put the word out or try online ads at college tutoring websites.

Clinical Trials

How about signing up for clinical trial opportunities at or any other websites that you can find online? You will be used as a prototype for testing new pharmaceutical drugs. You could also sign up at the local blood bank to have your blood drawn in exchange for cash. If you are a college student and can prove this, you may get more money for your blood. Be sure to ask pertinent questions and be aware of any associated risks.

Uber Driver

If you haven’t heard the word “Uber,” then you don’t live on this planet. Uber is a vehicle-sharing company offering transportation to local residents. You get to use your own vehicle to transport individuals to the airport and other local places. You must have a smartphone and clean driving record. The pay starts at $25 per hour. Not bad for spare time cash, right?

Pet Sitting

Do you love pets? Whether you do or not, you can offer your local neighbors to watch their pet while they are away. This is probably an easier side gig than babysitting. Let family and friends know of your intentions and they will pass the word around.  

Parking Space Rental

If you reside in a congested or busy area of town and parking is difficult, you could rent out your parking space, especially when you are at work or on vacation. You could rent it for a specific number of hours at a certain rate. For possible clients, go to and check out their website and app.


There are so many other creative ways that you can make money. If you have an extra room, you could get an interested roommate. You could sell any old mobile devices you have online. Use your imagination. Making money is not all that difficult.

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